We are a group of five men and women of God who each attend the same church, and seek to put God first in everything we do. We formed the movement God First Crew in November 2017, as an opportunity to lead people to Christ through music, poetry, messages, and content that exalts Jesus! Our desire is to live our lives according to Matthew 6:33, which says “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” We hope this page blesses you, and provides you content, clothing, and resources that you can use to put God first, and be a part of the movement!


Artist Bios



My name is Bradley Chatman, and I am from the south side of Chicago, IL. I began rapping when I was 16 with my high school friends, who rapped, sang, and produced. I continued to develop this gift, and at the peak of my secular music career, Jesus transformed my life, and I began to make music under the CHH group “Brothers of Saved Souls & Encouraging Sisters.” Music is an area of ministry that plays an effective role in drawing people closer to God and His truth. I am very passionate about using Hip-Hop to evangelize to young people, as that is my testimony. Over five years later, I founded God First Crew to provide an avenue to continue this movement of evangelism.

Anomaly Music

My name is Makiya Turner, and I am from Decatur, IL. I am a new artist in Christian Hip-Hop, started rapping for over 6 months. I was inspired to pursue this ministry by many of my best friends, who each were members of God First Crew. As a woman in Hip-Hop, and overall a unique person, I have always felt like an anomaly. I feel that God has always set me apart from things others would do, and has always led me to roll in my own lane.

Jereme Ware

Hi, my name is Jereme L. Ware and I was born and raised in Peoria, IL and lived some of my life in Hampton, VA. I was raised in the church all my life, and my family has been blessed with musical ability, causing me not only to learn how to learn how to sing and play instruments but also giving me the ability to have an ear for music overall. My goal in music is simply to draw people to Christ through the gifts he has given me in music! God First Crew to me, is not only a group of individuals but basically family united with common goals: to edify the Kingdom of God using our different abilities, to put God first, and to make Jesus Famous in all that we do!

Camielle Janae

Hello, my name is Camielle and I am a native of Champaign, IL. I started singing in my church choir at the age of five and now in a praise ministry on a campus ministry among other things. Singing and songwriting is a passion of mine and I want to bless others with it. Since birth, I have lived in college towns and have experienced and seen the impact of peer pressure. God First Crew is a movement to encourage every listener to be bold for Christ and take pride in doing so.